Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All right lets get back into gear! {Feeling better}

Hey there!  Ok, so I have been gone for about a month.  Morning sickness seems like it is trying to leave me alone.  My blood pressure is very low and we are keeping a close eye on that but everything else so far is looking good. 

My oldest son started Kindergarten a couple of weeks ago and he absolutely LOVES it!!!  This is very EXCITING for me as well as hard.  He has always been quite the little independent one, wants to do everything himself, so going to school for him is kind of like freedom.  They love for the students to take initiative and try new things right??? 
His teacher called me after his 4th day and I gotta tell ya I was a lil' nervous. 
I should have known better....... 
She called to tell me how good he was doing in school and how well he pays attention, but mainly to let me know just how big of a sweetheart he is and how she is enjoying having him in her class.  This had me in tears.  He is my first born son, my first miracle baby, I am so proud of him!  He is always such a huge helper for  me but I was unsure of how he would do
in school with many other children. 
I was foolish to think he would be anything less than himself.  He is smart and kind, an all around fun little man to be around!

   As for me I have been enjoying my bed and the time I have so desperately needed to rest :-)
My youngest has been a little angel with reading to me and running his fingers through my hair telling me I will get better soon.  It's nice to finally get to know him a little better.  He has been home with his father since he was born while I worked.  Unfortunately with the way my schedule was I didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted with him.  That's different now. 

{The gang in bed with mommy}

Last but not least sewing ;-) 
I am sewing again which is good and I may only be able to sew for a short time but I am sewing again.
I cannot wait to stock my dresses again!! 
I have fabrics cut which I have to admit was a very slow process this time around, just need to get them onto my sewing table and make some cuteness!

Hope you have hung in there with me ;-)

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