Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm not the only crafty one in the home ;-)

Everyone, meet Chris. 
He is the love of my life and the wonderful father of our 2 sons! Chris is pretty creative and one would never know that. He's a mechanic kind of guy. Skateboard loving, video game junkie well not since having children ;-) Let's see what I can take apart and modify kind of guy.

He's also got this other side going on. Stay at home dad, nurturing, great cook, can play with the action figures for hours honestly do they ever grow up? great role model and a super mushy sweetheart when it comes to animals.

He tried his hand at making a Buzz Lightyear cake for our son. Taylor LOVES Buzz Lightyear and well, daddy loves his boy. We bought a Wilton Cake pan from AC Moore along with the dye kit, white frosting and Chris went to work decorating his first cake. Here's how it went:

First mix all of your colors using the color kit for the cake design you buy

2.Take a cardboard box and place aluminum foil on it
3. Outline the groves from the cake pan

4. Very carefully squeeze over a million dots onto the cake
for a 3D effect

Again, very carefully ;-)

5. Take a picture because unfortunately you will have to watch people
cut into it and gobble it up!

1 Buzz Lightyear cake = 1 Happy Birthday Boy!

Then an Incredible Hulk cake for our oldest son Christopher Jr. 
Not too many pics on this one but dad tried his best here:

Mix colors left over from Buzz cake ;-)
Chris eyeballed the action figure to replicate it.
probably easier to lay action figure on cake and trace
Add some piping around the sides.
and you're done!

1 Incredible Hulk cake = 1 Happy Birthday Boy!

Thanks for looking

Grand Re-Opening 'Button' available, don't keep it a secret ;-)

Quick post and then back to work for me :-)
Made my first "Button" It was actually really fun trying different pictures out and seeing what I liked :-)
Grab one and let your friends know about the Grand Re-Opening June 20th 2011 @ 5pm EST.
See you then.


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Thank you again!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Been busy busy!!!!

Just a quick post as I give the sewing machine a breather :-)
I have been so super busy sewing the cutest cuddliest diapers and the most darling little girls dresses
to ever come across my machine.  I am very excited about the Grand Re-Opening on June 20th 2011
I have set a time for 5pm for the Inventory to be stocked and items available for purchase.
A little background as to whjy this is a 'Re-Opening'. 
I sold my diapers on Diaperswappers for 2yrs (2008-2010)

My dresses were sold at a consignment store and on diaperswappers as well.
I moved in 2009 and everything kind of flipped upside down. The shop Chris (My Fiance of 6yrs now) worked for was closing down. I had to stop sewing and go to work full time outside the home and he took on being a stay at home dad. Everything has finally come back together and YAY! I can open back up!
I hope you join me back here on the 20th to see the sweetness I will have available for your little ones :-)