Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Been busy busy!!!!

Just a quick post as I give the sewing machine a breather :-)
I have been so super busy sewing the cutest cuddliest diapers and the most darling little girls dresses
to ever come across my machine.  I am very excited about the Grand Re-Opening on June 20th 2011
I have set a time for 5pm for the Inventory to be stocked and items available for purchase.
A little background as to whjy this is a 'Re-Opening'. 
I sold my diapers on Diaperswappers for 2yrs (2008-2010)

My dresses were sold at a consignment store and on diaperswappers as well.
I moved in 2009 and everything kind of flipped upside down. The shop Chris (My Fiance of 6yrs now) worked for was closing down. I had to stop sewing and go to work full time outside the home and he took on being a stay at home dad. Everything has finally come back together and YAY! I can open back up!
I hope you join me back here on the 20th to see the sweetness I will have available for your little ones :-)

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