Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pre-K Graduation and busy weekend ahead.....

Yes, my oldest son has graduated Pre-K/Preschool and will begin school in Sept. 
It is a very emotional time for me. 
He has grown up so quick and I really have missed most of the last 2 years. 
When he started Pre-K I made a promise and stuck to it! 
I brought him to school everyday and sat in on 'Circle Time' and participated which included me singing off key, I really don't think the children noticed ;-) 
The preschool didn't mind and thought it was awesome that I was able to be there for him.
He was there 3 hours a day which is about the amount of time I saw him after work. 
As much as the teacher and his classmates influenced him and how much he learned in those 3hrs everyday makes me think that the 4hrs I spent every night eating dinner with him and reading to him
he will in fact remember.

I will now have the entire summer and perhaps longer to spend with my family. 
Time to sew and be creative.  Time to perhaps teach my sons the basics of crafting and sewing.
They know how to use scissors and glue so maybe just a needle and thread for now.
You know the big thick needles that you can thread yarn through and perhaps some cardboard with pre-made holes that would be a better start for my 3yr old son Taylor right?

Do your children sew?  How old were they when you first introduced it to them? 

Speaking of sewing, I have spent hours in fabric stores, quilt shops and online for 4 weeks now
looking for the perfect prints and solids for my Grand Re-Opening. 
I amazed myself while washing everything the last 2 days how nicely my ideas of paired fabrics
'flow' together.
Got the READY
Got the SET
this weekend is SEW time baby! 

See you soon,

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