Sunday, June 26, 2011

First week home with my family....

~*~Pictures of a family having a super fun week~*~

Had such a great week last week!  Last Saturday was the Father's Day car show.  Sunday was just me and my boys ;) Monday was my Grand Re-Opening so I was quite busy with the computer.  Tuesday I made it up to everyone by going to Kings Dominion!  This was the first amuzement park trip for our sons and a first for Chris and I to have ever gone together.  We really did enjoy ourselves and suprisingly Christopher and Taylor LOVED it!  They rode rides together, {without us} even rode some rides seperately.  They are growing up so quickly I was just amazed at how well they did to such a busy place. {of course we went on a monday when it was supposed to rain so not too busy}. 
Christopher even rode the 'big kid' coaster with his dad and even though I don't think he'll do it again for a long time he did enjoy riding with just his father.

~Christopher Jr. having Fun~

~Taylor having fun~

 They went out for a ride by themselves
.....and didn't freak out ;)

 What's cooler than rocketships?

 Christopher Jr got to drive on a real roadway with stop signs and everything!
He LOVED this!

 Yep, he had ALOT of FUN!

 *Those of you with 5yr olds know that they are always ready for MORE!

Friday we decided we need more berries and being that I had never been because I was always working well, we were going ;)  We looked them up before we left to see which fields were open but the only one open that day was the blackberries. 

I so wanted more Rasberries and Bluberries so I could make a 
Patriotic Lemonade Cake by   Bebe La Mode Design

Fortunately they did have them pre-picked and packaged for you to buy!!!!
So, Chris can make this lovely cake after all.
{Thank you Brittany @  Bebe La Mode Design }
We did pick Blackberries, feed the Goats and play at their playground for a bit.  Sat outside in the grass and enjoyed our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I don't like spending money on food when we can bring our own however I did buy some of the cotton candy they had for us to snack on after lunch ;)

Chris and his beautiful replicas.....I mean um beautiful sons.

Last but not least a cool off @ Lyon Village in Arlington Va. 

Oh yeah and a few new dresses ;-)


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  2. :) thank you for reminding me.
    Have a great one!

  3. Aww, this is so cute :) Family time is so important!


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