Saturday, July 2, 2011

Black Widows, Frogs and a new dress ;-)

Those that suffer from Arachniphobia please do not read this post as there is a picture of a Black Widow working on his egg sac.

Black Widows LOVE rocks and any dark un-disturbed hiding places.  My mom has a rock bed with a few plants growing in it and it is surrounding by rock edging.  Well, we have seen our fair share of spiders.  Our 'Funnel Web' spiders are pretty cool looking and harmless they build pretty strong webs.  They keep other bugs away such as mosquitos, flies etc.... 
The Black Widows web is thick like nylon and very different from other webs.  We have one that was working very hard on her egg nest and YES we did destroy it as well as poison her.  I know this sounds harsh but we have 2 small children and cannot risk them being bit by her or her hatchlings.  Personally I have a thing for spiders and love watching them work.
Here is a picture of her working:

This photo was not edited and she and her egg sac really are/were that big.  Please let this be a note to all other Black Widows
"You are NOT welcome here!"

We have ALOT of frogs around the yard and house as well.  Our sons sure do get a kick out of all of them.
They are mostly babies so I have been trying to find the 'nesting' spot so I can show them some tadpoles ;-)

and now......
Drumroll please (boom boom  tap tap ratatat tat :giggle:)

Don't you just LOVE it?????

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  1. my son loved the pic of the black widow. i would love to know more about the dress. adorable! i love the sleeves!

  2. The dress is fabulous!! The spider and frog..not so much! ;D

  3. EEEWWWWW, that spider made me cringe! I'm so glad there was a beautiful dress at the end to make me feel better ;-) That's adorable! The sleeves are so fun, and I love the little ruffle detail on the front! So cute!

  4. The dress is Great, I love it.

  5. We have lots of black widows too. Not nice, especially since my two children LOVE digging around in nooks and crannies. The dress looks lovely ~ did you make it? (Found you through Sugar Bee Crafts' linky party)

  6. My sons are big on digging too and it makes me crazy that they could get bit.
    The dress, yes I did =)
    I have a Shop Dresses Tab of the dresses I have made recently.

  7. what a fabulous dress! We love it so much we are featuring it on the blog tomorrow. do grab the featured button if you fancy doing so ^^) votation will start tomorrow so feel free to spread the word ^^)

    Have a lovely weekend!


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